Social Media Marketing in India



  • Is social media important for my business?
    Everyone uses social media sites regularly. You would be doing your brand a disservice if you did not use these platforms to promote engagement. Many customers go for a brand's social media sites or profile to check before making a purchase.
  • Which social media platform is the best?
    It is important to conduct research before choosing the right social media channel for your audience. It depends on the type of business/ service you have. With this knowledge, make sure to optimize your presence on the channels where your target audience is likely to engage.
  • Should I post daily on social media handles?
    This is fully dependent on the platform, as each social channel has characteristics that must be met for your post. The frequency and timing of posting fluctuate between social media. If you manage your social media, do some study on the frequency and length of your postings, as well as when you should publish them.
  • Is an Ad different from a Post on social media? ?
    When you share anything on social media, you are organically sharing information with your followers and the public. On the contrary, a social media ad is a paid promotion.
  • What is a boosted social media post?
    You may promote a post on some social media platforms with a charge. It ensures that more people see your posting. This is an excellent option for posts that do very well or are promoting a special offer.
  • 6) How much budget is recommended for social media marketing?
    The budget and amount are dependent on you and your aim. This is not a particularly expensive advertising approach, but the more you invest, the more value and results you receive.
  • What is included in the Social media package?
    The package may include one-time strategy creation & assessments, social media engagement, and management along with ad campaigns, publications, and management.
  • Who needs social media services?
    Startups or big companies who are going digital may require social media marketing services to promote their brand and build themselves digitally.
  • What are the 4Ps in social media marketing?
    Product, price, place and promotion are the key elements for social media marketing. On the basis of these 4 basic principles one can effectively promote on social media platforms.