• Why is branding significant for a business?
    A brand is often the face of any business. A business is at high risk of getting lost in the crowd, without a face or an objective that gets delivered to the target audience. Thus, branding is one way where the business owners have all the power to position their company amidst several other competitors effectively.
  • What is the difference between branding and marketing?
    Branding differs from digital marketing in several ways. Firstly, branding is a process by which customers get connected to your business, understand your promises and offer trust. On the other hand, marketing is when these customers get persuaded to buy from you, refer you and remain profit-yielding, loyal customers.
  • Is logo designing sufficient for brand promotion?
    Unfortunately No. A logo acts as a visual face for your brand. But it isn't branding completely! Branding involves various types which include corporate branding, online branding and many more. Logo designs lie in product branding, which is just a drop in the ocean.
  • How does branding work?
    The primary aim of branding is to create a positive impression of a brand among the public. Branding is achieved by a sum of various strategies that include brand recognition, awareness, marketing and remembrance. Precisely, branding is where the objectives and promises get conveyed just right!
  • Is brand promotion expensive?
    Branding and brand promotion can turn economical if you hire a branding agency for your project rather than hiring a branding expert for your company. It is because in most cases branding is a short-term project with long-term support. Branding agencies have experts and the latest software, tools and upgrades. It comprises a single investment package.